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mjOboe as Ms Piggy by Pureferret mjOboe as Ms Piggy :iconpureferret:Pureferret 5 0 Skybird by Pureferret Skybird :iconpureferret:Pureferret 2 0
The Shopping Centre
As the only remaining residents of the shopping centre fly back to their make shift roosts on the glass ceilings, or between roofing tiles, and the neon glow of the fluorescent lighting fades to nought but the tiniest flicker, the day is ended. Ripe with coins and notes, the cash tills sleep soundly behind reinforced glass, safely shielded by the metal grating, pulled tight like a snug bed sheet. The stubborn pieces of chewing gum still remain in the urban twilight, resting like limpets.
   Thankfully the ever-vigilant CCTV cameras still hold guard over the miniature city, protecting the citizens whether plush toys, kitchen utensils and clothing without prejudice. In the dark silence only the slight hum of the refrigerators in the food hall prevail, after enduring the noisy rattle of the day. The annual flora has also sprung, Christmas lights appearing to choke every wall in festive delight.
   Even as the Yule-time creepers laugh, gleefully to themselves
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Stumped by Pureferret Stumped :iconpureferret:Pureferret 1 0 Follow Me by Pureferret Follow Me :iconpureferret:Pureferret 2 4
Story from Suok
Listen good an hard m'boy. They don't like this story being tol' around the campfire, so we might be in for a spot of trouble when the elders get back. And it goes without saying, don' be telling this story on.
Some years ago, centuries, back afore even I was born a man walked into the desert. No I know ye be thinking, many a fool be playing at that. But this fellow, this Wanderer came to this desert afore anyone else had settles here. There were no tribes or nomads, no cities. Only trade routes, and those he wanted to die. But this man, Wanderer…this person wasn't aiming to take a dirt nap anytime soon.
They say he came from a great nation across seas to the west. Yes I know them's just stories of the sea, but that's what this is, a story. So stay quiet and listen.
He'd been a battle or a war, or some conflict. Something big, something earthshaking. And he's walked away from it all you see, he'd survived. Some say he fought a demon, some say he just trapped it into th' stone the
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Soon it will be gone
A new day rises
Crisp winter air, breath it in
Soon it will be gone
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Summers day wanes
Autumn leaves have fallen
I watch as dusk encroaches
The summers day wanes
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What are these things before me,
That I've never seen before,
Crinkled plastic,
Distorted shapes,
Coloured plastic,
Crumbled flakes.
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Cheese Brothel
The man in black strolled down the street, a cursory glance over his shoulder once in a while; just often enough to look suspicious. The rain tumbled down like lost thoughts, idle and slow. The night wasn't too cold, but he clutched his trenchcoat tight nonetheless, a guard against a stare more chill than the night air.
He had managed to arrive at his destination by a most circuitous route, bypassing anyone he may know and anyplace he might be known.  His caution, at least this is what he believed was not for nothing. He had for a long time cherished his secret desires, but secret they must stay.
The rain pattered down against his lapel and splashed frivolously against his chin, collecting on his stubble. From there it trickled down his front and added to his nervous sweat. He'd never come this close before. He could almost smell is in the air. He turned down into an out-of-the-way alley that would have bumped any movie it featured in to the high shelves of a video store; if
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Adventures of Arnold
The Nail clipping jumped high into the air, a majestic
keratin arc, thankful to be free of the nail. It hadn't chosen to be freed at
that moment, but it couldn't have occurred at a more fortuitous time. It had
similarly not chosen which direction, and as it had watched a helpless brother
fling itself haphazardly onto the carpet, it prayed to the great Manicurist in
the sky that it would suffer a better fate.
The soaring finger nail clipping, who in a fit of nascent
glee had christened itself Arnold, patted against the curtain, unable to get a
grip of the silky waterfall of fabric it slid down past sill and shoe to the
ground behind the radiator; not the greatest landing spot, not a patch on the
lucky few to skitter under the looming cavern of the Underbed, but it was
surely better than finding out if the rumours of finger nibbling had been true,
or the mad rambling of a deluded harbinger nail.
At least now Arnold could wait for another clipping, so he
could breed…..
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Penny Arcade Frisbee Sketch by Pureferret Penny Arcade Frisbee Sketch :iconpureferret:Pureferret 0 0 Hairy Monkey by Pureferret Hairy Monkey :iconpureferret:Pureferret 0 0 Apple by Pureferret Apple :iconpureferret:Pureferret 0 2 Cloud 3 by Pureferret Cloud 3 :iconpureferret:Pureferret 0 0 Cloud 2 by Pureferret Cloud 2 :iconpureferret:Pureferret 0 0


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Opening chapter:

So who would like to see me create more art? And if so what sort? I can have a go at writing, photos, drawing, photomanipulation, and vector art, or something else entirely. I just need some ideas.


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I'm a small planetoid, orbiting somewhere inside the Kuiper belt. I've been told I can be a little cold, but I think it can be a challenge out here not to be.


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